Cheap VPS Server Hosting

Cheapest VPS Server Hosting

Having right Server Hosting solution at cheapest range, Sounds great. Onlive Server brings their robust Cheap VPS server hosting packages with hundred percent control over the server. Customize software and VPS plans that meet your needs. This is best solution for websites with robust technical demands. With the growing popularity VPS demands increases, Our hosting plans are designed by KVM Virtualization technology. We ensure our expert teams that monitoring your server and handle all technical problems related to the server. Our hosting evolve guaranteeing to provide superior functionality and performances. Benefits for using cheap VPS Server –

  • Get high amounts of traffic per day
  • Install your own operating system(Linux & Windows)
  • Run your custom softwares
  • Increase Visitors and hits on Website

VPS Server Hosting For Experience High Traffic Volumes

If you have the startup business and want to receive much traffic, then Cheap VPS Server is ideal solution. Apart from that now the visitors is continually growing. If you have a already website and consider upgrading your resources then upgrade you hosting plans with our VPS Server. With our hosting plans your website will be safe and doesn’t face server crash issues. VPS can handle the traffic and increase visitors also improved website reliability.

Is Website Consistently Running Slowly?

If your website connected with a Shared server that means you have limited resources and RAM, Space, bandwidth and After some time, when your website grows then require more resources to handle traffic and performance which is shared server can not. So, VPS comes with higher resources to handle website smoothly and increase website performance as well as response time. It decreases load times and gives the fast response. Also can upgrade plans in current VPS. Onlive Server’s VPS especially designed by the latest technology and advanced resources that help to website grows and scale your business without having to worry about slow load times.

Worried About Security?

If your website connects with our VPS Server, then do not have worried about security. Each VPS plan comes with enhanced security and advanced monitoring capabilities. Secure personal data & information and safely taking any form of online payment. Get secure VPS with top-notch security features. User data will be safe in data-centers which are protected by DDoS security. Our network routing through top ISP that transfer data without breaking. Higher security in VPS: SLA, TLS, DDoS and Firewall Network connection.

VPS Server Hosting Plans in Budget

It is true that Dedicated Server is costly or more expensive, that’s why Onlive Server brings their Cheap VPS Server Hosting plans that solve these problems. With Cheapest VPS Server, the user can improve bandwidth, security, and get more RAM. Additionally, host an unlimited amount of domains and use a server for Proxy IP Server, VPN, Mail hosting, Database, Free support, Backup & etc.