Cheap Windows VPS

What is Cheap Windows VPS

But what it means- its features and functions, every detail will be discussed in this article. Here we will be tailing the best options of Cheap Windows VPS hosting and why you should go with them.

We all know Windows is an operating system that is widely used all over the world and it is compatible with so many computers, programs, and software. Onlive Server Cheap Windows VPS hosting supports tools like Microsoft Exchange that is also called which is very famously used as a web solution for various internet activities.

More than that it supports a large number of technologies, especially of Microsoft, and gives an ideal hosting type for various programs and websites.

In Onlive Windows VPS hosting we will be helping you to understand the strengths of our hosting services.

About Onlive Windows VPS

Onlive is an affordable Windows VPS hosting service provider; we deal in various hosting services and web technologies. Nicely we are on our way to help the best to our customers at a very low cost.

Features of Cheap Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting is particularly used for the sites that have a need of ASP.NET technologies; sometimes also for technical needs to host web applications.

SSD accelerated storage

 Your website’s pages will load faster and lightning speed will be seen in terms of every data interaction. SSD is itself a next-generation storage device that when combined with our Windows VPS hosting will make the system smoother and incredibly fast.

One-click installation

Popular web applications like WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Drupal-

Included with technologies like and PHP, will be easy to install on Windows VPS hosting. Starting with applications will be just one click away for users. All these applications will be available in the control panel, which can easily be accessed.

Offsite backup

Onlive Windows VPS hosting has a feature of daily backup that can be an option to secure your information while experimenting on your newly formed website. In starting many developers face problems of losing the data because due to the trying of new applications and services on the website. But with this daily offsite backup feature, our database will collect and save all information in an insecure position that can anytime be requested for restoration.

Support of latest Microsoft technologies

Windows VPS hosting is nothing if you don’t get Microsoft technologies behind to give a favorable environment. Developers that want to work on web applications and need professional development of Web services will require Microsoft technologies like MYSQL, ASP.NET 4.6, MVC Framework, Ajax,, and more windows hosting features.

Flexible services

Onlive Windows VPS hosting has better flexibility in terms of services and performance. We always try to be more helpful for our customers and that is why a feature of customization in the plan has been given by your side. These things are very useful for companies and small businesses that are constantly performing at a low scale but in the future will have more requirements. For them, without changing the whole plan we can include additional facilities to supply their demand.

Customer services

Windows Onlive web hosting is very famous for customer service. A professional team will always be at the back of our customers to fulfil every

responsibility with satisfaction.

Customers can reach out with the help of Chabot available on our website; this is a very easy and fast way to get instant answers to all your queries.

Onlive window web hosting has specialists on our board that are familiar with all kinds of pains and gains in our services.

Best uptime

In hosting services, the main thing that creates a difference is the availability of services. Onlive Windows VPS hosting will give you 99% uptime services. Sometimes due to technical issues if any e server shows a problem we will direct your website to another running server.

With all these features taken into consideration, Windows VPS hosting is a premium hosting that especially will give your website a dedicated area to perform optimum growth.


If you are just starting with your Online business it is understood that new technologies and budgets will create a hard impact on the speed of your growth. This is where we come; simply from picking the best hosting solution to helping you develop a suitable program Onlive Cheap Windows VPS services will be very supportive to give you a smooth experience of hosting services.

High-end products can only be developed on hi-type hosting resources. Nowadays web hosting providers are not focused on giving quality service but they are running behind the quantity.

Encase our case it is just the opposite; we are very focused on customer experience.