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What is Windows Web Hosting?

Are you organizing to launch a website to strike this competitive world? Use Windows Web Hosting. Many sponsors are at the current time embracing this new shift and developing a mindset to emplane on this enormous culture. Are you the one who wants to travel across your work surface globally and obliterate? The benefits of the internet boom? Don’t you distinguish between web hosting and other processes that are important for launching and hosting a website?

Web Hosting

Did you ever think over of what are the fundamental requirements to begin the business?

Yes, grab you. you need a server where you store all your data and display them. It looks for prospective dealers to sell.

Let me get directly to the point. How do you set up a server? You need a piece of good hosting to run the server. Above everything else, what stands out to run a server is that piece of good hosting. We offer you the opportunity to choose a good server hosting yet.

Even goes the same with your website. You have to store all your website files like text, images, data, etc. You need a collocation for that. Our web hosting company provides this place on the server.

No glacious goodness, with the arrival of the internet. There is a straining need for web hosting. What is web hosting? Can you want to advertise products to the public globally? Right.

Hosting a website means making your website available to these probable viewers. A website has a collection of text, videos, images, and web pages. To make your website accessible. You have to store all the data at a place called a web server. By obtaining space on the server and storing the web pages there means hosting your website. This can be available to dealers worldwide.

Web Server

Usually, Web servers are the supplications of computers that serve web pages. These pages are picked on the servers. Our server is augmented by an IP address. The server should have a high description. The web server has a domain name accompanying it. The web server is conjoint to the internet through this domain name. The companies hosting websites, have their own servers and hire space out to you to host the website. Computers can be turned into an internet server by installing software and connecting the appliance to the web.

Features of Web Hosting

We are in a generation where systems are generated at a jet speed. Our Windows web hosting company offers many features like:

  • Free domain with email accounts.
  • CMS (Content Management Systems).
  • Google AdWords or other kinds of advertising forms.
  • Site bac-up options.
  • Website builder with a few free templates.
  • setting up e-Commerce websites.
  • Select OS (operating systems) like Windows, Java, and Linux hosting.

Windows Web Hosting

This is the world of competency The challenges of this modern generation are amplified daily. Every business wants to show its prospect online. For this, Managers are spending their animation and time maintaining and managing vigorous websites. Businesses are creating a seismic shiver visually and attracting potential users.

Hosting your website through the Windows OS (operating system) is designated as Windows hosting.

The best characteristic of windows hosting is:

  • scalability
  • reliability and authenticity
  • end-to-end operational and management responsibilities
  • Integrating the internet and businesses together

Reasons To Choose Windows Web Hosting

Many organizations careful about security prefer windows OS as it comes with .Net. As far as, You install MySQL, WordPress, PHP, and other open-source platforms. It is flexible. It supports all the databases and programming languages

For beginners, configuring Windows is simple. Windows offers GUI, where creating an online host can be done without conscious reasoning. Windows VPS Server is established and owned by the USA’s largest establishments. Security patches are liberated frequently and for free. Hosting a website with Windows OS is safe and secured.

  • Microsoft provides regularly updates its Operating System. This gives Windows hosting a perimeter as the updated versions magnify the website speed.
  • Most of the approved apps. Like WordPress, Drupal, PhpBB, Joomla can be installed with just one-Click.
  • They come with Plesk. Which makes it easy and uncomplicated to know website status, pinch settings. You create email accounts and manage your plans
  • Want to have a remote desktop that controls your server. Choose dedicated and VPS plans with a Windows Operating System to develop your business.


You can deduct Windows Web Hosting. We deliver you with all that a small and large business person needs to supervise the website. What are you waiting for? Choose Onlive Server, Windows Web Hosting for your business website, And take the fulfillment and prospect. On Onlive Server only. You can get a very cheap and affordable price hosting in comparison to other websites. Its structures provide with great rate and enthusiasm.

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