Book Domain Name Online

Comprehensive Guide to Book Domain Online and Receive Online Recognition Globally

Introduction Of A Domain Name

With the advancement in technology and competitive market, the business needs to have online recognition. The customers prefer to purchase the products and services from the company which has its website. In this article, we will be addressing the step through which you can book domain names online in an effortless manner.

Reasons to Book Domain Name Online

The individual globally makes use of domain names for networking purposes. A domain name is quite common if you have a blog and manages the website. However, people who don’t belong to the IT field find it difficult to have a domain name for their business website.

A domain name is the combination of the IP address throughout the Internet. It appears after @” in the individual email addresses or after the “WWW.”, in any web addresses. Some of the most familiar domain names are and You might think these sites are too popular and well-established, so booking the domain name online will be a complex task. Therefore, let us understand the easy process to easily book the domain name online and receive online recognition globally.

5 Steps to Book the Domain Name Online 

The process to Book Domain Name Online is quite user-friendly as it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. The steps used to book the domain name online are listed below. “

  1. Choosing a Reliable Domain Registrar

The domain registrar refers to the company that assists you in booking and handling the domain names provided for your blog and website. It is accredited by ICAAN and is an NGO. At some times, it becomes a complex task for people to choose the specific domain name providers because there are various options available. To overcome make it simple, just follow the below step before selecting the hosting provider.

  • Before choosing the hosting provider, it is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions carefully to check any hidden domain costincluded by the provider.
  • It is necessary to check the expiration date of the domain name and renew before the expired date. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the hosting provider that offers auto-renewal service or remainders service for asking payment for renewal.
  • You need to check the hosting provider transfer policies. If you want to shift from one registrar to another, it becomes difficult to transfer the domain.
  • Some hosting providers offer additional services like domain privacy and domain parking without imposing any extra cost. It is urged to do proper research to receive the best value for your money.
  • The Domain Name Search

After choosing the reliable domain registrar, you need to search the domain name. It is suggested that when you select a domain name for your website, make sure to have the proper extension dimension. Sometimes, domain name extensions are also called top-level domains.

  •  Pick Up the Domain

Now, as you get the domain name, proceed to the check-out process. You will see the different domain registration periods available. Therefore, you need to select your required registration period. Some reliable and popular registrars also provide remainder service before the due date of domain name expiration. The period of the domain name will vary depending on the hosting provider.

  • Completing the Domain Registration

After executing the payment, you will be automatically redirected to the control panel, where you need to register some details like the name of the domain, address, and contact number. The data entered by you will get stored in WHOIS. After submitting the details, the registration process will be processed. Now, you have successfully registered your domain name, proceed to the next step.

  • Owner Verification 

The last step to Book Domain Registration Name Online is “verification of ownership”. A notification e-mail will be sent to your registered ID within a minute. Now, all you have to do is click on it to confirm the verification process.

Successfully, you will now receive the domain name for your blog or website.

Best Time to Buy a Domain Name?

The best time for purchasing a domain name depends on the nature of your work and the urgency to explore. Many businesses purchase the good URL and leave it till it becomes worth it and is later sold to clients. However, if you are looking to start an E-commerce business, getting the domain name at the initial phase is necessary.

 The purchase of a “domain name” for the personal portfolio is also very helpful as it provides global recognition to your blog. Therefore, a domain name can also be an asset for the individual that enhances the chance of client arrival and creates a good business network.


The process of booking the domain name depends on your priority. However, if you are looking to start a new E-commerce business, a domain name is beneficial because it enhances the presence and offers online identity to businesses. The process for booking the domain name is explained above in simple steps. It is suggested to hire a “domain hosting company “to get your domain name easily and explore business effectively. “Onlive server” company is a good option; you can choose to book domain name online as it provides Free DNS Management and Free Domain forwarding services. You can also do it yourself; however, a domain hosting company will be a better option because they are well skilled and capable of understanding your business requirements.