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How Onlive Server Can Help Your Business Grow | India Dedicated Server

Onlive Server provides the best services and IT Support to clients. IT Technology is a rapidly growing technology. Many IT companies in India provide many types of IT services to their clients. This helps them to offer a dedicated server with all the latest facilities. The Onlive Server Company is one of the best IT companies which provide different types of hosting services at an affordable price to their customers. You can get here different types of hosting like VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting in many countries like India, the USA, UK, and Canada.
India Dedicated Server Hosting plans are very expensive for you. Because it has a lot of features and facilities such as unlimited bandwidth, maximum storage space, free Domain Registration, free SSL Certificates, high security against hackers, and DDoS attacks, and high performance. The Onlive Server Company provides you cheap Linux or Windows dedicated server hosting plans to their customers according to their budget so that everyone can easily afford them. Also, you can buy any plan according to your website requirement because it has many plans with different specifications.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server is a physical server that’s reserved for your exclusive use. It’s not shared with any other customers or their websites. This gives you the ability to customize it in any way you see fit, including installing the software and applications of your choice. Let’s compare the two most common types of dedicated server hosting: unmanaged and managed.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting:

Unmanaged dedicated servers are designed for customers who have the technical expertise to manage their own servers. They have full root/administrative access, which means they’re responsible for all software and operating system updates, security patches, and the configuration of other applications
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting:

Managed dedicated hosting is similar to unmanaged in that it includes full administrative access. But with one key difference, the web hosts manage all aspects of upkeep, maintenance, performance optimization, and security so that the customer doesn’t have to worry about any of these responsibilities. Managed services include proactive server monitoring and restoration, operating system updates and patching, and initial setup.

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
India Server – DSX1 – Intel Xeon E3 2136 - 6C/12T/4.50 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD raid 1
Noida, India
India Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon E3 2136 - 6C/12T/4.50 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD raid 1
Noida, India
India Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon E3 2136 - 6C/12T/ 4.50 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD raid 1
Noida, India
India Server – DSX4 – Dual Intel Xeon 2 X E5 2640v3 - 16C/32T/3.40 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD raid 1
Noida, India
India Server – DSX5 – Dual Intel Xeon 2 X E5 2640v3 - 16C/32T/3.40 GHz, 128GB RAM, 960 GB SSD raid 1
Noida, India
India Server – DSX6 – 2xIntel Xeon E5-2620 - 12C/24T/2.50 GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x240 SSD
Noida, India
India Server – DSX7 – 2xIntel Xeon E5-2630 v3 - 16C/32T/2.50 GHz, 64GB RAM, 2x2 TB SATA
Noida, India
India Server – DSX8 – 2xIntel Xeon E5-2630 v3 - 16C/32T/2.50 GHz, 64GB RAM, 2x480 SSD
Noida, India

Who can I contact for help?

We are offering the best quality servers at very affordable prices. You can contact us any time with live chat support. Our team is available 24*7 for your help and to guide you in selecting the best server as per your business requirement and budget.
We have the best-certified technical experts who provide the best support to our clients when required. Our Live chat support staff is always ready to help you in choosing the right server, plan, and features that suit your business needs. If you don’t have time to call them, then send them a mail, and they will revert back with all details within a few minutes.

What operating systems does Onlive Server offer?

Onlive Server provides a large number of operating system choices, but some of them may not be the best match for your hosting needs. The operating system you choose will influence a number of details like the amount of server maintenance you need to do and the type of software you can run on your server.
The most popular choice of the operating system for servers is Linux. It’s very versatile, easy to use, and reliable. Most people who have never used Linux before will find its command-line interface a little daunting at first. But it’s extremely powerful once you learn how to use it properly. The most common issues with Linux are its poor support for certain types of software and the fact that it usually requires more technical skills than other options. Some Linux OS Like FreeBSD CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.
The second most common option is Windows. It’s often used for web hosting because many people already know how to use it. So they don’t have to go through a learning curve before they can manage their server properly. However, Windows also has significant downsides when compared to alternatives like Linux. It provides several types of Windows OS like Windows 2008, Windows, 2012, Windows 2016, and Windows 2019.

What Are Some Popular Control Panels?

There are several different control panels available and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. They all allow you to perform the same functions, but some give you more in-depth control. Here are some of the most popular control panels:
cPanel & WHM: cPanel & WHM is a popular control panel for Linux servers. The user interface is intuitive and effortless to learn. cPanel also offers excellent documentation on its website.
Plesk: Plesk is another popular control panel for Linux servers. It has a similar user interface and offers similar features as cPanel & WHM, but they have slightly different layouts. Plesk offers great documentation on their website as well.
DirectAdmin: DirectAdmin is an alternative to cPanel & WHM and Plesk, but it doesn’t offer quite as many features as those two options do. However, it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for an alternative to cPanel or Plesk.


We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you an overview of what Onlive Server can do for your business. If you already have a business, Onlive Server can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your company’s needs and whether or not it’s something that will make a difference for you and your employees. However, if you’re just starting out, Onlive Server offers a Dedicated Server Price in India with scalable startup options that are both affordable and flexible so that you don’t have to worry about investing too much upfront.