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If you’re looking for the best cloud VPS provider, then there are three things that you need to know. First, this is a high-reliability service and it doesn’t experience any downtime. Second, it’s extremely scalable and flexible. You can add as many or as few resources as you wish, or scale back if you want to save some money. Third, it’s extremely fast because the servers are hosted in some of the world’s most powerful data centers and they’re connected by ultra-fast Internet lines.

Many people would say that Onlive Server is the best cloud VPS provider on the market and with good reason. We’ve built our reputation by offering high-quality virtual private servers at an unbeatable price, with unlimited bandwidth and traffic and tons of useful features like RAID 10 storage, daily backups, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Why take our word for it? This article goes into some detail about why you should choose Onlive Server as your best cloud VPS provider.

Unlimited Bandwidth

While unlimited bandwidth is great, it isn’t exactly something you can rely on. While many cloud providers claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and traffic, a quick read through their Terms of Service will tell you otherwise. At any point, these providers can decide to slow down your speeds or cut off your access completely if they determine that you’re using an excessive amount of bandwidth. To ensure that your company never has to deal with data caps or slowed access because of an unexpected spike in traffic, always look for a provider that offers unlimited bandwidth without any extra restrictions or caveats.

At Onlive Server, we offer truly unlimited bandwidth without any fine print. With many cloud hosting providers, there’s a limit to how much bandwidth you can use. We don’t have any limits. You get unlimited bandwidth so that you can use as much or as little as you need with no worry about overages or higher bills. If your website goes viral, we have your back. We also have unlimited traffic.

Unlimited Traffic

The main advantage of choosing a cloud VPS provider over a traditional server or dedicated hosting solution is that you have access to infinite traffic. You can use as much data as you want and don’t have to worry about slow speeds and performance when your site goes viral or when there are sudden spikes in traffic. With an unlimited bandwidth and traffic package, you’ll be covered no matter what happens on your site. And, if there are issues with your bandwidth or connection at any point in time, there’s always technical support that will help get everything back on track in no time at all.

No other cloud hosting service offers truly unlimited bandwidth. You will never have to worry about getting hit with traffic overages ever again. We don’t throttle your bandwidth or traffic. You will be able to use as much bandwidth and receive as many visitors as you want. You can even schedule a backup website that has unlimited bandwidth just in case something happens to your primary site. No other web hosting company allows you that kind of freedom and flexibility.

Managed Hosting by Experts

At Onlive Server, we manage everything and you don’t have to. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by engineers who make sure your websites are always up and running smoothly. Just let us know if you need something fixed. At Onlive Server, we provide Cloud VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth and traffic in three data center locations so. That you can pick where your server should be based on a variety of factors including response time. No matter which location you choose, it’s a highly secure environment. 99.99% uptime and expertly managed to host by professionals.

With us, you never have to compromise quality for the price. Our servers are in one of our most affordable pricing plans and yet there’s no sacrifice when it comes to performance and flexibility. But Onlive Server offers cloud VPS that are available in 24/7 data centers, spanning across 5 different locations. It will give you an option to choose your desired location for better performance. You may also select a location near your target audience or users. All of their data centers are strategically spread around USA and Europe which allows you to serve users from Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world as well.

Hardware Firewall Protection

Since virtual servers aren’t housed in physical server rooms, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes extremely important. A VPN encrypts all data that leaves your virtual server and provides an extra layer of protection between your business and potential hackers. In addition to firewall and VPN protection. We also offer several security features including Antivirus Protection and Intrusion Detection Systems. That can help protect against malware, viruses, and other forms of malicious code. All servers are configured with backups for critical files along with built. In redundancy for increased reliability so you can be sure your data is safe from accidental deletion or other issues.

Onlive Server is an award-winning company providing VPS hosting, Dedicated Server, cPanel, WordPress Hosting, and cheap Windows VPS hosting for more than 7 years. Our team of experienced web hosting professionals provides low-cost, high-quality web hosting services to clients from all over the world. We are offering a “no credit card required” plan which is perfect for starting businesses or testing new products.


Onlive Server has been on top of my list as one of the best cloud VPS providers for a long time now. Their affordable prices and guaranteed uptime are only two of many reasons why I will continue to use them for hosting my websites. Have you used them? What did you think? Please leave your comments below so that other readers can learn more about your experience. If you haven’t already, check out their review page to find out. More about why they have consistently scored well on reviews by experts and users alike. Also, make sure to like their Facebook page so that you stay up-to-date with news, promos, and coupons!

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