The New Zealand Dedicated Server That Won’t Let You Down

What is New Zealand Dedicated Server?

If you have ever worked with a shared hosting service, then you know that downtime is inevitable. With a New Zealand Dedicated Server from Onlive, however, you can enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee. By keeping your data and programs on your own physical server and not on a shared space. You’ll always have access to them and never suffer through downtime because of slow or overloaded servers. Not only that, but our New Zealand dedicated servers are scalable enough. To handle both small- and large-scale projects, so they won’t let you down when you need them most.

Why choose Onlive Server?

Anyone can maintain and manage a physical server. It takes a professional to understand how to set up, run, and maintain a New Zealand dedicated server. At Onlive, we make sure that every dedicated server is performing. At optimal levels, before it goes online so you don’t have to worry about performance issues ever again. We never let you down because we monitor our servers 24/7 365 days of the year to ensure. They are always up and running quickly when problems arise. If any issues should occur with your New Zealand Dedicated Server. You will be notified immediately via email or SMS so you can act accordingly without worrying about downtime affecting your business. As an added security measure for your peace of mind, Onlive operates out of multiple global data centers with high standards for redundancy and security.

Features of the New Zealand Server

Open containers are virtual servers that, like their physical counterparts, provide separate operating environments. The two key differences between virtual and physical. Servers are that virtual servers don’t require specific. Open containers allow users to run multiple guest operating systems on a single server at any given time. These guest operating systems can vary in purpose; for example, one container could contain an application’s software development kit (SDK), while another container may hold an image of its finished product. This results in faster delivery times because resources aren’t being. Used by software or data.

Our plans and pricing

Want to know how much it’ll cost you? Don’t worry, Onlive is more than happy to give you a breakdown of our pricing and plans. What we have to offer: Our servers come in many different flavors, depending on your company’s needs. Each server comes equipped with an array. Any unique software, your company may need. Our service is always online and available as per our SLA (Service Level Agreement). We also promise the next day or even better same-day installation! 24/7 support: An integral part of your hosting experience should be high-quality customer support, which is something Onlive excels at.

New Zealand Dedicated Server
Cost Effectivity

Save Money on Web Hosting with Free Options – Even for Businesses. With so many companies focusing on having users pay for their services every month, it can be hard to find a hosting service that offers quality features without charging you. With Onlive, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of Cheap New Zealand Dedicated Server options at prices that are unbeatable. We also offer free web hosting options if you aren’t sure how much traffic your website will get or if you just want to try out an idea before investing in your own hosting. These free options come with their share of limits and restrictions, but they’re perfect for small businesses and websites that are just starting out. Read more about our free web hosting options here!


If you’re interested in setting up a dedicated server. For your business or want to learn more about our plans, contact us today. We’ll help make sure you get an affordable dedicated server. That is customized specifically for your business needs. Onlive offers a fast and easy setup and we’ll even answer any questions you have regarding our service! If you want more information on how to start a new business call us now!