Singapore Dedicated Server

Why You Should Consider Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Website

Owning your own website has turned into more than simply a method to boost your business name. It’s become an absolute requirement. The problem. Is that trying to make an effective site on your own can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you’re striving to make an impact in the ever-increasingly competitive online world? The simple option that numerous website proprietors don’t consider, however, is outsourcing their Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting services to a specialized firm such as Onlive Server – something that you ought to give serious thought to if you want to get results as rapidly as possible.

Versatile of a Dedicated Server

Whenever you outsource your hosting, you’re normally giving up complete control of your site. When purchasing a Singapore Dedicated Server, however, you’ll have full access to your account. You can make all decisions regarding custom development and server configuration. This sort of flexibility comes at a cost, but it’s an excellent option if you plan on changing your site significantly over time.

Free Domain Name

When you purchase a dedicated web hosting services plan package. You’ll automatically get a free domain name. You can choose from dozens of generic domains or you can have one of your own. The choice is yours and there are no monthly fees. With our shared hosting plan, we even provide an easy-to-use online tool that makes managing your domain easy. Choose a domain name and we’ll set it up for you with no hassle!

Competitive Pricing

Although you might not be worried about saving a buck or two, hosting services like shared and VPS do typically cost significantly more than a cheap Singapore dedicated server hosting. What many don’t realize is that when paying these high prices. They’re not only footing an additional cost associated with shared servers but also a premium markup on power and cooling. Onlive offers enterprise-level resources at consumer-grade prices. All while providing industry-leading service levels. To date, we’ve never had a single outage. Not one second of downtime in our three years in business. Regardless of whether it was planned maintenance or an unexpected outage due to circumstances beyond our control.

Solid Support

As a best-dedicated server hosting service, OnliveServer provides excellent support services to assist you in setting up your service and resolving issues. The Onlive Server staffs have rich experiences of expertise in making effective use of many open-source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop and customizing them according to customers’ needs. In case of any problems or difficulties, we make sure that we provide solutions as soon as possible.

Full Root Access

As a webmaster, one of your primary concerns is having a Cheap Singapore Dedicated Server website hosting that looks great and works well on all devices. But there are some instances when you don’t want full control over how things are displayed or coded. If you’re new to website development. Full Root Access might not be as important to you, but if your site consists of lots of code and numerous files. Especially if they use different languages like PHP, Python or C++ full root access can come in handy. Remember: while it’s good to have control over your server. Sometimes someone else might know better than you do! This is especially true when it comes to security issues like SQL injection attacks.


Many dedicated web hosting servers are located far away from your visitors, which slows down your site. Onlive Servers is based in Singapore, a global leader in connectivity.


A Dedicated server is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy unlimited freedom and convenience regarding customizing their web space, or for those who intend to start their online presence from scratch. At Onlive Server, you have absolute control over your server’s security and performance settings, as well as its look and feel. That’s why our experts recommend that any website looking to establish an effective identity in an efficient manner opt for a dedicated web hosting solution.