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Onlive Server is offering cPanel Web Hosting with more benefits. Rather, Onlive Server offers all cPanel web hosting with trust and responsibility at a minimum price with furnished top 24×7 supports from our technical team. Users who can not give the dedicated server but need higher scalability, experience, better performance, and high speed. The added features that our server offers Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited FTP Users, One-Click Installer, Cloudflare DDoS Protection, Automatic Backups, SSH Access, Free Domain Registration, and Free SSL Certificate. cPanel is the preferable hosting automation platform that offers maximum control at your fingertips. In case you are looking for a web hosting provider to host your website, you can select cPanel Web Hosting by Onlive Server.

cPanel Hosting Plan

What do you get with cPanel Web Hosting?

Easy To Use: Simple use and maintenance are the two most popular reasons why most resellers start with cPanel Linux hosting. So, It’s the right way to start for those who are not tech-savvy- Linux cPanel hosting is available with an easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI). All files, features, and tools for the hosting account are represented with icons. 

Multi-Functional: An easy-to-use, efficient application quickly gains popularity with users. cPanel is such a web control panel that is highly feature-rich, easy to use, and very secure. Besides, it comes packed with automated scripts to further ease backup tasks, file transfers, database transfers, and backups, etc. With the help of a few clicks, users can easily accomplish the most crucial tasks to manage their hosting account.

Powerful Security: cPanel is very easy to use and also a very secure web panel software. Therefore, It’s important to secure that your web management software is highly secure so that it is not susceptible to attacks from hackers and malicious scripts, etc. A secure cPanel will protect your website and data from being corrupted or stolen. And Keeping an indeed secure web panel will help your sit back and relax.

cPanel hosting gives you various incredible advantages, some of which include:

  • Intelligent interface
  • Straightforward establishment handle
  • No experience required
  • Effectively compact and extendable
  • Basic site administration
  • Exceedingly perfect and functions admirably with famous web programs

Benefits of cPanel-

Easy installation process: cPanel can be easily installed in very few steps. You have to do to install the Linux OS and run the script for installation. Rather you will notice that most of your server configuration is done.

High-Ranking Compatible: cPanel is compatible in a wide manner with many of the open-source applications.

Inter-active Interface: cPanel provides various virtual interfaces for different users that include clients, administrators, and email users.

Simplicity Portable: cPanel gives you an easy portability feature through which you can transfer your website from one hosting company to another.

No former experience required: You need not have any prior hands-on experience in handling and managing servers. cPanel is an out-of-the-box tool and easily usable.

Features You Get with the Best cPanel Web Hosting

99.99% uptime guarantee: You always get good server uptimes guarantees. So, we give a guarantee of it 99.99%.

Security Tools: They offer top security features to secure websites from hackers or cyber-attack.

Unlimited SSD Space: Our sever provide unlimited SSD space to every package. So, the Onlive server gives 21x 7 faster LiteSpeed technology and provides unlimited bandwidth to handle website traffic.

Free SSL Certificate

Eran your customer trust by displaying the symbol of https://.Secure your website and your visitor’s sensitive data as well as boost your website ranking with our Free SSL certificate.

cPanel Control Panel

Acquire a free control panel account to manage your hosting accounts. cPanel provides you with an organized layout and ensures everything is in the right place. It gives tools to easily manage your website, emails, database, domain, and increases website speed, security, and spam control.

Our Server Provides High-Security Services
Onlive Server offers cPanel hosting plans that come with advanced features of data security that integrate all the security features to keep your data protected from outside attacks.

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