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Why Choose cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting comes up with the most authentic and instinctual Web Hosting and site management program with rich Quality parameters and customer-first support, cPanel’s self-acting and configurable platform enables clients to focus on growing their Pursuit. Here is cPanel Web Hosting Often the Best Choice during the time of researching to go for which web hosting control panel is right for you, it’s inflexible not to come across cPanel. cPanel, when put together with its sister product WHM (Web Hosting Manager), Show you one of the most absolute web hosting management solutions on the retail

It is the “client” side of the whole deal providing users the ability to do pieces of work such as creating email accounts and managing domains and cronjobs. Web Hosting Manager is the “Admin” side of the package Giving Features such as creating web hosting packages and adding users. Let’s begin by inspecting at cPanel’s attribute set:

  • Application Handling
  • Backup Handling
  • FTP Handling
  • DNS Handling
  • Email Handling
  • Reporting of Resource
  • User Handling
  • Reporting of Traffic and analysis
  • Linux Only

Most of these attributes are common in the Web Hosting Control Panels. There are causes you might Select one web panel over the other, and that is what we are target on in this article. Being a well-established player in the control panel space, cPanel has many benefits over its less known contesting.

cPanel hosting with Advanced Key Features:

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is a scalable administration interface for configuring, installing, and managing WordPress websites and applications. You may clone your own site and develop a staging environment for your new features, experiments, and fresh ideas with WordPress Toolkit. When you’re ready, you can sync to your produced data.

cPanel Web Server Hosting Highlights Packed with the most considerable features on Onlive Server

cPanel Hosting with many advantages

Host limitless sites, free migration, free SSL, free backups and superfast, SSD storage – everything is supported by our expert 24×7 help and Compensation guarantee.

Simple Security

Install free SSL on all your own sites, restrict access, password protect your directories, and protect all sites from malicious activity.

Limitless Domains

add up unlimited domains, each with their own website, create subdomains, and handle your DNS, all from within cPanel. Simple!

Easy File Handling

Upload, download, and handle your files without any hacking and easily use our inbuilt file manager. No fiddly FTP manager to configure.

 1 – Click App Installer

Approach hundreds of apps one-click installer, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more.

Onlive Server offers customized solutions based on your application needs to deliver an ideal blend of your production
  • Custom plans with Low Price
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with 100% Uptime
  • 24/7 Quick Technical Assistance form Our Expert Group
  • Server Remote Management (IDRAC, ILO, etc.)

Managed administration

You can handle all of your projects, and generate web spaces with a single interface with Windows Dedicated Server. You can view your web hosting plans and save time on daily management tasks. Your cPanel dashboard provides you access to disk spaces, databases, different files, domain names, and metrics. Several administration levels are obtainable so that your customers can manage their web hosting spaces securely.

In just a few clicks creation

Your cPanel Web Hosting offers many options, with an all-inclusive cPanel Web Hosting control panel.

Create automatic backups of your critical data, handle your sub-domains, and aliases, domain names, and absorb your website statistics. You don’t need to be a tech guru to set all of this up — cPanel will manage it for you, on-Requirement.

Simplified Web Hosting with cPanel

The cPanel Web Hosting platform makes it easy to resell web hosting plans to your clients. You define the space dedicated to each user, with FTP, secure access, a disk space, and whatever tools you would like to provide them. You can manage the utilization of disk space, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. If you are a web agency or a reseller, then it will save you a lot of time — and you will be utilizing a popular solution.

cPanel Licenses

Different licenses are obtainable depending on the number of accounts you want to create, and they are harmonious with CentOS, Cloud Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions. Simply select the right license to match your needs in the order process for your dedicated server.

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